Community Helping Community

Community Pride – What’s Right About Townsend

A few months ago I was meeting with Laura Obert at the Mountie Moose Bakery for doughnuts, coffee and discussing Townsend, Broadwater County and the state of the world. As the County appointed representative to the Montana Business Assistance Connection (MBAC) Board, I like to touch base with the County Commisioners every month or two.

This day Laura and I were discussing the Town of Radersburg and the 150th year celebration this July. We were discussing different ideas for how we might be able to offer assistance to the Radersburg community.

While we were discussing the Radersburg Celebration, Chris Wright happened to come into the Bakery and stopped by to chat for a minute. Chris, Fran and their family moved to Townsend a couple of years ago when Fran accepted the position of head of nursing at Broadwater Health Center. Chris is retired and has become very active in community organizations. He regularly attends County Commissioner meetings, is active in the BHC Senior Activities, is the Treasurer for the local Rotary Club and is the Secretary for the Canton Church Restoration, Inc. Board of Directors and very active at the Holy Cross Catholic Church.

Chris and Fran have been renting the old Methodist Church rectory since moving to Townsend. Since Chris, Fran and their daughter Iris love the Townsend community they decided to buy property and build their “forever” home here. Locating and purchasing property that met their requirements soon turned out to be somewhat of a Herculean task.

After Chris finished relating his tale of many deals that fell through Laura offered to sell him property that her and Brian bought years ago. They purchased the property between their home and the lake to prevent someone from buying the property and building a home obstructing their views. Laura not only offered to sell Chris the property but offered to sell it to him for the same price they originally purchased it years ago! The only provision that Laura made is Chris not build a house directly in front of their house.

That is what is Right about Townsend!

Neighbors helping neighbors; community members helping community members – I see this all the time. When we organized the Community Clean-up Day, we had many people volunteer for the purpose of helping people in the Community who are physically unable to do many of the cleanup chores.

The willingness to help others without regard for getting something from it is what makes a community a GREAT Community.