Free Eye Clinic - April 21, 2017

On April 14th and 15th the Townsend Seventh Day Adventist Church and the Montana Seventh Day Adventist Church sponsored a FREE Eye Clinic at the 4H Building at the Fairgrounds.  I am sure most of you saw the postings in the paper or the flyers around town. Many of you may have participated in the free eye clinic.

People attending the free clinic were provided with check-ups for visual acuity, refraction and ocular pressure.  Examinations were performed for 134 people who were then directed to a Doctor of Optometry. There were two Doctors of optometry working at the site – Gayle from Texas and Tasha from Oklahoma. When people received a lens prescription from one of the Doctors of Optometry they got to choose and be fitted for very nice FREE frames with designer brands. Some also got free eye drops or other eye care advice.

The 16 volunteers who showed up from Missoula to Bozeman were from different churches and were reassuring, prompt and cheerful staying from 7am to 4pm both days and helping with cleanup afterward. Some locals without transportation were personally driven to the event and then taken home by the Townsend volunteers.

No one participating in the event was asked about income or for even one cent in donations, and they will receive glasses in June.  Many hugs were exchanged and a number of folks were very relieved to have a chance for better vision in difficult financial times.

What a great event to be organized and hosted in Townsend!

It takes a tremendous amount of effort to organize an event of this size. Andrea Schellenberg of Toston was the main driver of the event  with help from Kate Humphrey, Leota Gormely and the rest of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.  It took 4 months of planning to fly two out of state Doctors of Optometry and their equipment as well as borrowing devices from a local area optician AND organizing the venue, volunteers, licensing and insurance.

We all need to thank Andrea and the Seventh Day Adventist Church for helping so many people! 

To view a photo gallery of the event click on 2017 Free Eye Care Clinic

It is the Townsend and Townsend Area people who organize and volunteer for so many events and services in our community that makes Townsend and Broadwater County a great place to live.

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