Tina Edelblut and the Masonic Temple - May 18, 2017

Last year I was shocked to hear that the Masonic Temple was being sold.  I have very fond memories of the Masonic Temple.  The first time I remember being in the Temple was for a Community Pot Luck dinner. All our friends and neighbors were there and we all had a great time – and the food was outstanding.

In the eighth grade, I and many of my friends joined DeMolay (a Masonic organization for high school boys) and many of our female classmates joined Rainbow Girls (an organization for high school girls).  Over the years we had many meetings in the Masonic Temple learning leadership while participating in many community projects. We had dances, dinners and the DeMolay Boys pancake breakfasts at the Temple.

My concern (and others that had fond memories of the Temple) was that someone would just demolish the building, or even worse, turn the building into cheap rental apartments. With so much community history and memories it would be a shame to see that happen to one of our historic buildings.

Then I heard that Tina Edelblut bought the building and I cheered up immediately.  I have met Tina many times and I just couldn’t imagine Tina destroying the Temple or its history. At a BCDC meeting Tina spoke about her plans for the Temple building and I could not have been happier.

Tina plans to renovate the building (which it needs badly) and to continue to use the building as a Community Center for the Townsend Community. She has been talking with  local teacher Jennifer Olinger about opening a preschool possibly in conjunction with the Helena YMCA.  We badly need a day care center in Townsend – we are losing an outstanding Physician Assistant from the Broadwater Health Center because she has a young daughter and could find no day care for her in Townsend.

In addition to the preschool, Tina would like to use the building to provide structured activities for the kids in town – from grade school on up through the high school. Tina and I talked about a number of exciting activities, including teaching dancing (various forms of dancing).  During Rotary Scholarship Interviews, the Townsend Rotary Club asked the seniors they interviewed what they felt Townsend needed. There were a number of great ideas they put forward and Tina has asked Rotary if she could get the list of items to consider as activities at the building.

Tina would also like to make the building available to the Community at large for Community Events and Meetings.

Tina Edelblut is what is right about Townsend! She cares about the Community and cares about our history and wants to serve the Community while preserving our history and memories. It’s people like Tina that make Townsend and Broadwater County a terrific place to live!

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By the way – the Masons donated many artifacts from the Masonic Temple to the Broadwater County Museum.  Stop by the Museum and see some of the rich history – including a wall hanging from the original Masonic Temple in Centerville (a town that was situated alongside the river out by the site of the sawmill – the Centerville Cemetery is still located adjacent to the mill).