Nicole Brown - April 20, 2017

Community Pride – What’s Right with Townsend

Last February a group of volunteers got to together to organize two upcoming community events: a Townsend “Clean Up” and a County-wide Yard Sale.  During the meetings we thought it would be nice to recognize the individuals, organizations and businesses that are renovating, painting and in general doing their part to improve not only their property, but the community as a whole.  We also thought that we should give recognition to members of our community that do noteworthy things to help their friends, neighbors and community.

We are not celebrating Extraordinary People doing Extraordinary Deeds – we are celebrating ordinary people who are contributing to the community every day and don’t expect to get anything in return.

If you have a story about an individual, organization or business that you believe shows highlights our community commitment please contact me and let’s get them the recognition they deserve. You can call me at (406) 422-9425 or email me at

The first person I would like to recognize is Nichole Brown the Broadwater County Planning Manager.  As the planner for Broadwater County Nichole is very involved in the community every day; but that’s not why Nichole is being recognized in this article.

It might seem like a very small thing – just common sense really – but think what good it would do for this community if everyone did what Nichole did.

Nichole’s daughter, Brynlee, has been involved in cheerleading and Nichole wanted to have a party for the cheerleaders .  Initially Nichole was going to do what so many of us do – drive into Helena and go to Walmart, Target or Costco to get what she needed. But Nichole decided to try to put everything together by shopping here locally in Townsend.

Nichole found EVERYTHING she needed at Judy Wright’s “Trading Post”. Nichole put together a wonderful party, saved herself a lot of time and shopped locally which helps all of us.

The next time you are about to jump in the car to drive to Helena or Bozeman think about shopping locally – you might be surprised at what you can find right here in town, reasonably priced and so much more convenient.