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Lynn Cain Fine Art Fundraiser for Local Businesses

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Lynn Cain: Ravens View

Renowned local artis Lynn Cain has offered this beautiful limed edition print for auction with the proceeds going to support our local businesses affected by the Covid-19 shutdowns.

This beautiful line drawing comes with a custom frame: the print dimensions are 12.0" x 16.5" and the frame is 22.5" x 27.0"

From Lynn Cain about this piece of art:

I’ve always had a fascination with ravens.  The first time I saw a raven flying 3’ above a fence doing acrobatic barrel rolls, I was hooked.  I could only imagine one reason for such behavior, fun.  They are mischievous and intelligent creatures.

I worked in Yellowstone National Park for several years when I was a young man.  I took my respect and fascination with ravens and created a scene based on a favorite location.  The ravens are sitting on a rock overlooking Gibbon Falls and the Gibbon River in Yellowstone Park.  This was a spot I visited many time during work.  It really does seem like it is very much the ravens domain and they are watching over it.

High Bid: $625

Lynn Cain: Country Music

Renowned local artis Lynn Cain has offered to put this beautiful limited edition pring up for auction with the proceeds going to aid our local businesses affected by the Covid-19 shutdowns.

This beutiful line drawing comes custom framed. The print size is 12" x 16" and the frame size is 16" x 20".

About this artwork from Lynn Cain:

Elk and Montana are very much intertwined in the hearts and minds of Montanans.  They are my most popular subjects and it’s easy to understand why.  Grace, power, and beauty all in wrapped up in a package of pure raw, wild intensity.  Reminding some of hunting, others of a rare glimpse while hiking and camping.  Few sounds are as striking as the sound of an elk bugling.  Those that visit the wild recognize the music of the mountains provided by bull elk during mating season, Montana’s country song.

High Bid: $250

Lynn Cain: Round Grove Roundup

Renowned local artist Lynn Cain has put this beautiful piece of art up for auction with the proceeds to help our local businesses affected by the Covid-19 shutdowns.

This beautiful limited edition print has a custom frame. The print is  11.5" x 17.5" and the frame is22.0" x 28.0".

From Lynn about this beautiful line drawing work:

This is a familiar Montana scene.  Rounding up cattle for branding and for animal health care are a way of life for many ranches in Montana.  I enjoy drawing and painting daily activities that are often not thought of as glamorous and eye catching.  The Montana lifestyle I know is more about hard work and communities working together than anything else.  I had the privilege of watching an extended family and friends work together during branding a few years ago.  Everyone knew their job and efficiently moved a large herd of Angus from work station to work station like a rugged western dance.

High Bid: $300