Brinlee Brown Birthday Party

Community Pride – What’s Right with Townsend

Last month Nichole Brown’s daughter had a birthday. Nichole wanted to have a great birthday party for her but didn’t really want to have 10 children running around her house.

She was considering different venues in Helena that could host the party but they were expensive, limited in what they would do and, of course, getting 10 children to Helena for a party is not easy or fun.

When Nichole heard about the new art gallery opening, she asked Pam if she would host a “painting party” at the gallery. Pam agreed and the party was on!

Brynlee wanted a Mermaid party and Nichole decorated the art gallery in the theme. Nichole purchased all of the decorations, food, party favors and items for a treasure hunt right here in Townsend – there was no need to go to Helena or Bozeman.

In addition, she arranged with the various stores to hold the treasure hunt items at the store along with clues for the treasure hunt. The children went from store to store collecting treasure and getting clues as to where the next treasure could be found.

After the treasure hunt they all went to Artisans On Broadway for the “painting party”. Pam organized a terra-cotta flower pot painting event. She gave the children some ideas about decorating their pots, set them up with painting supplies and let them go.

They had a lot of fun and created terrific flower pots!

That’s what is right about Townsend!

It’s hard to list all of the terrific things that were right about this birthday party. First, Nichole decided she wanted to do everything right here in Townsend: all of the party supplies were purchased at our local stores, all of the “treasure hunt” items were purchased at our local stores and she used the local art gallery as a venue for the party.

Our local store owners not only had the items Nichole needed for the Treasure Hunt; they were willing to participate in the treasure hunt by holding the items until the children came to the store and then give them clues as to where the next treasure could be found.  Good luck trying to arrange that at Wal-Mart, K-Mart or Target!

Finally, the owner of the Art Gallery turning the gallery into a painting party for the children. Imagine asking any of the art galleries in Helena if they would host a children’s painting party.

Everyone involved in this great event demonstrated what is great about living in a small town – especially Townsend.