Townsend Business Community

Community Pride – What’s Right with Townsend


Business owners in all communities are the primary focus of fund raising. All business owners are asked to join organizations, sponsor events or donate to causes.

In larger communities where there are many businesses to share the load or there are large corporations with budgets for publicity through community involvement it’s easier to raise money without wearing out the welcome mat.

In smaller communities, like Townsend, the local businesses are asked to carry a huge load in community projects. Unlike many smaller communities Townsend is a very active community with a tremendous amount of projects and events. Recently Townsend was the subject of a Fox news “Hometown” segment. The Fox representative was stunned by the number of events that happen in our small community.

This time of year businesses in Townsend get asked to carry a large load:  Townsend Fall Fest, Business District Store Front Decorating and new this fall – the first annual Townsend Zombie Run.

Every year the Townsend Business Community rises to the occasion and respond to the requests for sponsors, donations and effort. Many of the local businesses will be decorating their store fronts for fall (and the Fall Fest event) and almost every business in Townsend is sponsoring either the Fall Fest event or the Zombie Run – with many of the businesses sponsoring both.

  That’s what is right about Townsend!

It is time we recognized not only the benefits our local businesses bring to our community by offering goods and services here but for all of the contributions they make to ALL of the organizations and events here in Townsend.  When you patronize your local business you also are supporting all these organizations and events!