Creative Closet Invests in Townsend

Community Pride – What’s Right with Townsend

If you have driven down Broadway the last 2 weeks you probably have noticed a lot of changes to the Store Fronts.  The Creative Closet has repainted the entire exterior of the building and added an extremely attractive decorative “corrugated metal” siding to the front of the building.

The remodeling done by Owner/Operator Shirley Wilson has totally changed the look of that part of Broadway and has certainly beautified our downtown business district!

The Creative Closet is a long established pillar of our business community having opened in 2004 and operating for over 13 years. Shirley supports a very active and vibrant quilting community in Townsend.

Every Wednesday a group of local quilters gets together and work on “Comfort” quilts. Everyone has what Shirley calls “bumps in their lives” - a tough time in their life. The Creative Closet quilting group create community comfort quilts in support of people during those tough times. In 2017 they have given 39 comfort quilts to those with “bumps”.

Every February the Creative Closet has an annual sale that lasts for at least half of February. Shirley even opens on President’s Day – the only Monday she is open during the year! Dates for the 2018 sale are Feb. 17 through March 3.

That’s what is right about Townsend!

There are so many ways that the Creative Closet contributes to the Townsend Community.  When visitors come to Townsend or pass through town it is important to have an attractive and welcoming

downtown. We have all passed through towns that have fallen on hard times where their main street is lined with empty store fronts and buildings badly in need of repair. There is nothing appealing about those towns and nothing that calls out to us to stop and visit the town.

When business owners invest in their businesses and in their buildings it not only provides us with the goods and services they offer but it also makes the town more appealing to visitors AND to residents. It invites them to stop in our town and visit our stores, restaurants and bars.

When a business owner like Shirley Wilson invests in her business and her building she is investing in Townsend. Her improvements help not only her business but every other business in town by making the town more inviting.

If you get a chance stop in to the Creative Closet and thank Shirley for all of the contributions she makes to this community!