Bob's Supermarket

Community Pride – What’s Right with Townsend

In the past we have highlighted the many contributions businesses make to our Community – to the residents, the organizations, and to community events. Bob’s Super Market donates generously and often.

Last week Keith Kirscher and I were planning a lunch for the Townsend 7th Grade Class on their field trip to the Canton Church. We knew we would have 53 students, plus teachers, volunteers and Canton Church Restoration Board members to feed and we felt we needed to plan as many as 80 people.

We went to Bob’s to talk to Eddie Chamberlain and Mike Millay to ensure that they would have enough hamburger patties, hamburger buns and water on hand for the field trip. When we explained to Eddie about the field trip and asked about hamburgers and what the cost would be, Eddie’s first response was that we have the hamburgers in the store and that Bob’s would donate them.

That is what is right about Townsend!

When we went to Bob’s we did not go with the intention of asking for a donation. Both Keith and I believe in supporting our local businesses and we went in to talk to Eddie and Mike to just ensure they would enough of what we needed on hand.

Bob’s Super Market offered to donate the hamburgers without us even asking!

The next time you get ready to go to Helena to shop at any of the many stores in Helena ask yourself – How many of those stores would volunteer – without being asked – to donate that much to a local school field trip?

Our local businesses are what make Townsend such a terrific and special place to live!