Anonymous Donor

Community Pride – What’s Right with Townsend


A few months ago local artisan George Jenkins brought in a handcrafted wooden Barn to the Artisans On Broadway gallery to be put on sale. It is a beautifully crafted piece built in the style of a doll house.

Recently an anonymous person stopped by the Bulldog Pups preschool run by Jennifer Olin (located next to the gallery) and handed Jennifer an envelope and asked her to give it to the Artisans On Broadway gallery. Inside the envelope was $300.00 and the following note:

To Artisans:

Please buy the barn and give to the school next door (daycare). I am saddened by school violence. Walking in your store I saw the love of a craftsman in the barn. Saw the children out front and saw the passion of the artisan woman for this community. This is a special place. Use any extra to keep the lights on. God Bless all.”

Usually I include an explanation of why I think something is “What’s Right With Townsend”.

I think the note in the envelope says everything that can be said.