MVM Minutes: 2019/02/07

On Thursday February 7, 2019 MVM held a regular meeting at Penny's Breakfast Station:

In attendance:

Jenni Bonser (President)

Nichole Brown (Vice President)

Vic Sample (Secretary/Treasurer)

Pam Sample (Board Member)

Melinda Reidy 


Administrative Issues:

MVM needs to file with the MT Secretary of State for 2019. Vic will do the registration.

MVM will hire Selah to file our 2018 taxes.

The published meeting schedule was reviewed. It was noticed that Feb 21 is the date of the Southwest Montana meeting in Butte. The Feb 21 date will be changed to Feb20.

MVM will apply for a credit card with Opportunity Bank to pay for out-of-area newspaper advertising and online purchases.

Vic checked with the Secretary of State office and MVM is listed as a "Domestic Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation". Vic will research getting an IRS 501(c6) status.  


Historic Sign Project

The historic sign project is still being researched. The main issue is the price point for printing the signs on aluminum. Costco charges $60.00 to print them. We can get them printed and sealed for $130.00 from a private business. Jenni is checking the size of the Costco printing to see if their standard size will work for us.


County Wide Yard Sale/Indoor-Outdoor flea market

Pam confirmed our new date of August 17th. She has submitted the form to reserve the Townsend Schools Multi-Purpose Room for the day. The Multi-Purpose room will cost MVM $60.00.  Pam talked to Melinda about access to the kitchen to obtain water for making coffee.

Seniors Project

Nichole and Vic talked to Eric Wilkerson about Townsend Schools purchasing the video for MVM since the school receives a huge discount. Eric agreed and has ordered the video which arrived on Thursday. The cost of the video was $90.00 ($75.00 for the video and $15,00 shipping).

MVM discussed the date for the inaugural Srs. Dinner and a Movie Night.  We decided to target March 21 to hold the event.  Nichole has gotten the okay for us to use the facility. MVM will cook a meal at the Sr. Center.  Pam will talk to the cook at the Sr. Center to get suggestions for the dinner.  Vic will pick a movie.

For the first movie MVM will request use of the museum screen and we will use a laptop and projector to show the movie. Longer term MVM will research purchasing and installing a pull down screen and/or a 55"" large screen television.

Nichole wants this to be a "sit down dinner" with the Seniors being served dinner and desert before watching the movie. We will ask for volunteers from the school (MVM family members, Interact, etc.) to serve the dinners. We will ask the Legion for use of their popcorn machine to make popcorn to serve at the movie.

MVM members and possibly volunteers will be available to drive Srs. to/from the event.

Vic will talk to John Rains about getting a list of Seniors we can invite to the event. We are only looking to invite 40 Seniors due to size constraints of the Sr. Center. We will also ask Mary Alice Upton to call the Seniors for us.

MVM members will join the Seniors for lunch at the Sr. Center on Friday Feb. 15 to discuss plans and learn more about the layout of the Sr. Center.


Southwest Montana

The next Southwest Montana meeting will be Feb. 21 in Butte.  MVM will have a large contigent with Ross, Vic, Jenni, Nichole and Pam hoping to attend.  Lunch at the event will be $10/ person.

Vic has submitted the grant request for a Southwest Montana Corridor Grant.  We specified that a cross-organization committee (BCDC, Rotary, MVM, Chamber, MBAC, County) would be created to utilize the grant. Everyone asked to be on the committee agreed except the Chamber. Mike Harvey stated that he would not be on the committee since the Chamber was also submitting a request for a Southwest Montana Corridor Grant.

Economic Summit

MVM has paid for 5 attendees at the Economic Summit meeting being held on March 14th in Big Sky. Ross, Nichole, Jenni, LaRinda and Vic will attend. The attendees will reimburse MVM for the $60.00 registration fee.


Back Pack Project

Jenni has talked to Ernie Forey about getting on the next BCDC agenda.  This year Jennis is organizing MVM, Rotary and possible Social Services to do a cross-organization effort to do the Back Pack Project providing students with back packs filled with the Townsend Schools suggested school supplies.  Jenni will be asking BCDC to use the BCDC 501(c3) status so that contributions will be tax deductible.

Jenni will also get with Jill Flynn to coordinate the Back Pack project with projects the Social Services are planning.  

We will also ask Rotary to allow contributors to contribute via credit card on the Rotary website.


Vibrant Community 

Bill Upthegrove and Denise Thompson are facilitating a series of community meetings to determine how the Community views itself and where/how the Community wants to be in the future. Bill asked MVM to organize a cross-organization meeting of MVM, BCDC, Chamber, Rotary, MBAC, Realtors and County to discuss various topics.

Nichole and Vic represented MVM.

The first meeting was held at Vic's house with represenatives from all of the various groups.  It was a terrific meeting with a lot of energy. Many ideas were discussed about creating an identity for Townsend and many projects the various organizations could take on.

Both Nichole and Vic were excited about the meeting and will continue to represent MVM.  The next meeting will on Feb 28 and will again be at Vic and Pam's house. The next meeting will be a pot luck dinner.


Next MVM Meeting

The next MVM meeting will be on Wednesday Feb 20 at the Sweet Briar Bistro at 8:30am.  The meeting will be held on a Wednesday morning due to a Thursday conflict with the Southwest Montana meeting in Butte.




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