MVM Minutes: 2020/04/16

Missouri Valley Marketing Meeting Minutes of April 16, 2020 via teleconference

In Attendance:

Nicole Brown (President)

Larinda Spencer (Vice President)

Vic Sample (Secretary/Treasurer)

Ross Johnson (Director),

Pam Sample (Director),

Debi Randolph

Pat Plantenberg

Laura Obert

Ernie Forrey

Tina Homann

Jeff Langlinais

Nancy Marks


Proposed MVM/Rotary Merger

Vic Sample and Pat Plantenberg gave a report on the presentation of the MVM/Rotary merger at the April 14 Rotary Board Meeting.  

Vic reported that the Board Meeting was sparsely attended:

  • Adam Six felt that BCDC was a better fit for MVM than Rotary
  • Charles Slyker (Rotary President was uncomfortable with the MOU) - specifically about non-Rotary members being part of the proposed committee
  • Jeff Langlinais said at first he was not comfortable with the proposal but after thinking about it he felt more comfortable


There was a lot of discussion about the next step at the highlights of the discussion

  • MVM is NOT looking for a partner. We are fine as an independent organization. Patrick proposed an MVM/Rotary merger and we see benefit in the proposal and would merge with Rotary if an agreement can be worked out. BUT we are not out looking for an organization to join.
  • Patrick suggested going to the Rotary Board one more time with a clearer document and plan.
  • Nichole Brown asked if everyone was okay with one more attempt at explaining the merger to the Rotary Board. The vote was yes.
  • Jeff Langlinais reported that he suggested to Rotary President Charles Slyker that a sub-committee of the Rotary Board explore the merger in depth with MVM.  Pam Sample stated that she felt that this was an example of "corporate type red-tape" that we try to avoid and an example of loss of autonomy we would have as a Rotary committee.
  • Vic will send out the current MOU for review and editing. We will work on a clearer, more concise document explaining why the merger proposal and the benefits to both organizations.


Wine Tasting Fund Raiser

Before the COVID-19 Shutdowns we had already arranged for event insurance with a liquor liability rider for the first wine tasting event. However, that event date was set as April 30.  Vic and Pam talked to Julie Zipperian at Centennial Insurance to ensure we could change the date due to COVID-19 restrictions; Julie checked with the insurance company and they are flexible on the event date.  

We set a tenative date of June 25th for the wine tasting event with July 23 as the backup date depending on the situation in June. The Lodge of Townsend is available to host the event on either date.

Vic and/or Pam will talk to Julie Zipperian about setting June 25 and ask that we be allowed to move to July 23 if needed.

Patrick suggested that at least part of the wine tasting event be held outside - people may be more comfortable about being outside than being in close proximity in a closed environment.