MVM Minutes: 2020/05/21

Missouri Valley Marketing Meeting Minutes of May 21, 2020 via teleconference

In Attendance:

Nicole Brown (President)

Larinda Spencer (Vice President)

Vic Sample (Secretary/Treasurer)

Ross Johnson (Director),

Pam Sample (Director),

Debi Randolph

Ernie Forrey

Tina Homann

Nancy Marks


Update on the COVID19 Relief Aid Committee

Nichole Brown reported on the COVID-19 Relief Aid Committe. The committee was made up of members from MVM, BCDC, MBAC and Rotary. The committee raised $8575.00 in donations and distributed $8575.00 in grants to local small businesses and a donation to the Broadwater County Food Pantry. The Food Pantry donation was $825.00; but the timing of the donation made it eligible for the Rotary matching program; so the donation brougth $1650 to the Food Pantry.


Wine Tasting Fund Raiser

Previously MVM had set a tentative date of June 25 with a contingency date of July 23 based on COVID19 conditions.  Nichole Brown proposed moving the intial wine tasting date to the July date since the June date would be under Phase II restrictions. We discussed the pros and cons of having the wine tasting in June and the pros and cons of the wine tasting in July. The consensus was that waiting longer would allow people to be more comfortable being out to an event.  Vic Sample and Pam Sample will talk to Julie Zipperian about setting the alternate date with the insurance company.

Pam Sample moved to delay the wine tasting event to July 23. Debi Randolph seconded the motion. The motion passed.


County Wide Yard Sale

For the past 3 years the County Wide Yard Sale has been held on the 3rd Thursday in June.  We discussed whether the event should be cancelled or at least delayed. MVM has branded the County Wide Yard Sale and organized it as a community service. It has proven to be very popular and several people and organizations have already been asking if we intended to have the County Wide Yard Sale again this year. Because we don't want to lose our progress on branding this event and because it is a very popular community event we decided to organize the event in 2020.  Ernie Forrey suggested that we use email and social media to determine if there is enough interest to hold the event in July.

Ross Johnson moved that we  postpone the event to July 18 with an alternative date of August 21 if we don't have a good response. Pam Sample seconded the motion. The motion passed.


Tourism Marketing Committee

Nichole Brown gave an update on the Tourism Marketing Committee.  The committee had a teleconference presentation of the Work Tasks proposal from Simple and Strange. Anna Strange and Allie Reynolds created the proposal based on the priorities we gave them in a February committee meeting. The presentation was well received - Nichole stated they did an outstanding job of creating the Work Tasks proposal including the tasks to be completed and estimated costs.

The Tourism Marketing Committee will meet on Friday, May 22 at The Lodge at 10:00am to review the Work Tasks document and to decide how to move forward.


MVM Website hosting of Auctions, Raffle Sales and Event Ticket Sales

Vic Sample reported that MVM developed and hosted 2 successful Auction events to raise money for the COVID19 Relief Aid Fund.  In addition, software was developed to implement an Interact Raffle Sales event on the Rotary site.  We are looking at needing an online Event Ticket Selling site on the MVM Website to sell tickets for the eventual wine tasting event.

Vic proposed that as an alternative to selling Raffle Tickets in person we consider doing Online Auctions and Online Raffle Ticket sales. He also proposed implementing the Event Ticket Sales on the MVM website. 

In addition he proposed that we open up the Auction, Raffle Ticket Sales and Event Ticket sales to other organizations and individuals.

Ross Johnson moved that we implement the Software on the MVM website and offer the ability to other organizations.  LaRinda Spencer seconded the motion. The motion passed.


Next MVM Regular Meeting Date

Thursday June 18 has been set for the next regular MVM meeting date.  Depending on the COVID19 situation we intend to have the meeting in person at The Lodge at 10:00am.  The teleconfernce number will be available for those that cannot attend in person or do not yet feel comfortable meeting in person.