MVM Minutes: 2020/06/18

Missouri Valley Marketing Meeting Minutes of June 18, held at The Lodge of Townsend at 10:00am

In Attendance:

Nicole Brown (President)

Larinda Spencer (Vice President)

Vic Sample (Secretary/Treasurer)

Pam Sample (Director),

Debi Randolph

Ernie Forrey

Tina Homann


MVM Wine Tasting Event

We previously had postponed the MVM Wine Tasting Event to July.  At this meeeting we had a lengthy discussion of whether we should have the event.  With the rise in COVID-19 cases we are concerned that the Event is too expensive and too much effort to risk getting a low turnout. The new sanitation rules do not lend themselves to the the kind of event we envision.

Debi Randolph moved to postpone the event for now and revisit the event this Fall. Pam seconded the motion. Motion passed.


In lieu of the Wine Tasting Event we will have an MVM Party and consume some of the accumulated wine!


4th Annual County Wide Yard Sale

Vic and Pam reported that we are getting a lot of inquiries about the County Wide Yard Sale.  Yard Sales are being allowed as long as the County Health Department rules are being followed.

Previously we postponed the County Wide Yard Sale from June to July 18.  

Nichole noted that MVM has no liability for this event.  We only organize and promote the event - it is up to the individuals holding sales to follow the County Health Department Rules.

Pam mentioned that July 18 is the date of the Three Forks Flea Market.  We all believe this is good - we wanted to start coordinating with Three Forks to get more participation from the south end of the county. Coordination with Three Forks will help us get the south end involved.

We will ask Ross to talk to Shirley about using the property by the Copy Cup for the flea market.


Debi Randolph moved to hold the 4th Annual County Wide Yard Sale on July 18.  Larinda Spencer seconded the motion. Motion passed.


We are doing a limited number of paper maps and will make Google maps availble online. We also do a Google Earth map of the Yard Sales.  We will only advertise in the local paper and will do most of the promotion through Social Media.  Vic will post the event on Helena Events, Bozeman Events and Butte Events as well as the Montana "Lively Times" web site.  We will also be pushing the Yard Sale on Facebook pages.


Next Meeting Date

With all of the uncertainty regarding COVID-19 we don't know what we can and can't do.  We will schedule our next meeting after we have some clarity on the situation.