MVM Minutes: 2020/09/30

Missouri Valley Marketing Meeting Minutes of September 30, held at Backroom of the Mint at 8:30am

In Attendance:

Nichole Brown (President)

Vic Sample (Secretary/Treasurer)

Ross Johnson (Director),

Pam Sample (Director),

Debi Randolph


President Nichole Brown called the meeting to order at 8:41am.


Business Decorating Contest

Townsend Rotary asked if MVM would continue to organize a Fall Business Decorating Contest again this year even though the Rotary Fall Fest has been cancelled.  MVM agreed to organize the Contest again this year with the following changes:

  • This year the contest will be a Halloween/Autumn Decorating Contest
  • The event will be expanded to 2 categoried: Residential and Business

In past years MVM organized the event to coincide with the Rotary Fall Fest and Rotary provided the  prize money funding.  MVM is proposing that Rotary continue to provide the funding for the Business Decorating Contest ($200 first prize, $100 second prize)  and MVM provide the funding for the residential contest ($100 first prize, $50 second prize, $25 third prize).

MVM discussed providing Chamber script money for the prize money.  There are a number of questions that would have to be answered before we could use script money and time is too short. This year we will do cash prizes, but in the future we will work with the Chamber to develop a plan for using Script for the prize money.

Nichole Brown will work with Bobbi Meehan to get an ad placed in the Broadwater Reporter.

Ross Johnson volunteered to be the Contact point for both the Residential and Business contests.


Southwest Montana Covid Safety Grants

Ross Johnson and Vic Sample reported on the Southwest Montana Covid Safety Grants provided by the state to distribute Covid Safety Guideline posters, rack cards and window "stickers".

Southwest Montana "hired" MVM to distribute the posters and rack cards to businesses in Winston, the Silos KOA and businesses in Townsend and Toston.  MVM will receive $1200.00 for distributing the material.  Ross and Vic distributed posters (MVM made an additional 25 color copies of the poster)  to the Big Bull, Silo's KOA, Toston Bunkhouse Bar, Tim's Diesel in the Wheatland area and to businesses in Townsend.  In all 38 posters were distributed.


Ross reported that it looks like the state will do 1 or 2 more programs like this through Southwest Montana.  It is possible that MVM might raise up to $3600 through these programs.


Chamber Annual Ghost Stroll

The Townsend Area Chamber of Commerce is again sponsoring the annual Ghost Stroll downtown.  They have worked with the County Sanitarian to develop a plan for the Ghost Stroll during the Covid era.  

MVM plans to participate in the Ghost Stroll this year.  Nichole Brown will talk to the owner of the Mint about setting up a tent at the Gazebo park. MVM will comply with all of the rules developed by the Chamber.

Debi Randolph believes that MVM could be a Chamber sanctioned business but will check with the Chamber.


Chamber Annual Christmas Stroll

Debi Randolph reported that the Chamber is still planning to organize and sponsor the annual Christmas Stroll.  The past 2 years MVM created the "Santas Workshop" and provided a Santa that children could visit.

MVM would like to continue to participate with the Chamber again this year; however, it is unclear how we can do that under Covid Restrictions.

Vic Sample will talk to the County Sanitarian to see if we can develop a plan for the Christmas Stroll.


The Lodge of Townsend Mural Project

The Lodge of Townsend is sponsoring a Mural project for a mural to be painted on the south wall of the City Of Townsend Shop adjacent to The Lodge building.

Last winter MVM created a cross organization committee to work with 2 marketing professionals out of Helena to develop a plan for increasing tourism in Broadwater County. The highest priority project identified by the committee was creating art work in Townsend: Murals, Sculptures and Photos.

Since artwork was the highest priority project with murals being our primary focus it was proposed that MVM should help fund The Lodge mural project.

Sophie Mathis (The Mural Artist) is from Missoula but has ties to Townsend and Broadwater County. She submitted the winning proposal and volunteered to do the project for free. However Sophie is a 19 year old student at the University of Montana and, as all students, is short of money. Tina would like to pay Sophie between $1000 - $1500 to do the mural and is asking for donations.

It is proposed that MVM contribute a donation to the fund to pay Sophie.  Pam Sample moved to contribute $250.00; Ross Johnson seconded the motion. The motion passed.

When MVM receives money from Southwest Montana MVM may vote to contribute more funds.


Implementation of the Marketing Plan developed with Simple and Strange 

As noted above, the cross-organization committee sponsored by MVM to work with the Helena marketing firm "Simple and Strange" identified 3 initial projects:  

  • Creating Artwork throughout Townsend
  • Developing a Tourism website
  • Creating Signage directing people to visit Radersburg

It is now time to start implementing the plan. The first step is to raise money to fund the projects.  It is proposed that MVM ask Anna Strange (owner of Simple and Strange Marketing) to create a proposal to research available grants that we could apply for and to create a proposal to write such grants.

Vic Sample will contact Anna and ask her to submit a proposal to MVM.

Nichole Brown and Vic Sample will research possible sites for murals and start asking business owners to consider allowing murals to be painted on the buildings.

Once we have a plan put together we can start derive the cost of the murals and start on the grant process. Vic will write a grant request to the Broadwater Community Foundation to move the mural project forward.

President Nichole Brown  declared the meeting adjourned at 10:30.