MVM Minutes: 2021/01/13

Missouri Valley Marketing Meeting Minutes of January 13, 2021 held at Bread and Butter Cafe at 8:30am

In Attendance:

Nichole Brown (President)

LaRinda Spencer (Vice President)

Vic Sample (Secretary/Treasurer)

Ross Johnson (Director)

Pam Sample (Director)

Debi Randolph

Rachel Burg

Jeff Langlinais

Jenni Bonser

Tina Homann

Ernie Forrey

Treasure’s Report

Secretary/Treasurer Vic Sample reported that as of January 1, 2021 MVM has

  • $5708.75 in cash
  • $2500.00 in BCDC allocated funds (held at BCDC)

Election of Officers

The following slate of officers were nominated and elected:

Nichole Brown (President)

Pam Sample (Vice President)

Vic Sample (Secretary/President)

2021 Board Members

Ross Johnson

LaRinda Spencer


2021 Projects

Beautification of downtown Townsend:

This project was 1 of the 2 priority projects identified last winter by a cross-organization committee.

MVM previously decided to pursue a program of having murals painted on downtown buildings.

MVM applied for and received a $2000 grant from the “ReImaging Rural” program through the Montana Community Foundation.

It was decided that MVM would apply for a $5000.00 grant from Broadwater Community Foundation using $5000 of MVM cash as a 1:1 match.

Ernie Forrey brought to our attention that since mainstreet is a highway (US Highway 12) the Montana Department of Transportation has to approve anything along the highway that would distract drivers.  Nichole Brown volunteered to research the issue with MDOT.

Tourism Website:

The other high priority project identified by the cross-organization committee last winter was the design/development of a tourism website.

Last winter there was discussion with Helena marketing professionals Anna Strange and Allie Reynolds about whether to leverage the “” url by redesigning the BCDC website to be both a community oriented website AND a tourism website or whether to create a new tourism only website.

After a long deliberation, Ernie felt that it would be a major effort to try to make the BCDC website a community website and a tourism website. He felt that it would be better to design/create a new tourism website.  Vic Sample agreed with Ernie and stated that, in his opinion, it would be cheaper (i.e. less time involved) to design a new website than modify the existing website.

Vic Sample volunteered to contact Anna Strange and Allie Reynolds to get an estimate of the time/cost to design a tourism website.  Vic Sample stated that if we had a professional design for a website he could create the website.

County Wide Yard Sale:

Last year we moved the County Wide Yard Sale from June to July due to COVID concerns.  The County Wide Yard Sale was a huge success.

Pam Sample stated that she felt July was a better month for the event because the weather is more stable. Vic Sample stated that we originally scheduled the event in June before people could start scheduling individual yard sales. However, he felt that the event has been well established and people are now holding off doing individual yard sales to participate in the County Wide Yard Sale.

MVM set the 3rd Saturday in July has the date for the County Wide Yard Sale. This year the 3rd Saturday in July will be July 17, 2021.

2021 Fund Raising

MVM still feels that wine tasting events will be a good source of fund raising. However due to COVID concerns we still do not feel we can start scheduling wine tasting events.

We will continue to evaluate the pandemic situation before deciding on when to start holding wine tasting events.

Next Meeting Date

It was decided that MVM does still want to hold breakfast meetings and to rotate between the available restaurants.

The next meeting will be Feb 10, 2021 at 8:30am in the backroom of the Mint.