MVM Minutes: 2021/02/10

Missouri Valley Marketing Meeting Minutes of February 10, 2021 held at the Mint Cafe at 8:30am

In Attendance:

Nichole Brown (President)

Pam Sample (Vice President)

Vic Sample (Secretary/Treasurer)

Ross Johnson (Director)

Debi Randolph

Rachael Elliott-Brug

Jeff Langlinais

Pat Plantenburg

Diane Johnson

The meeting was called to order at 8:34 by MVM President Nichole Brown.

Treasure’s Report

Secretary/Treasurer Vic Sample reported that as of January 1, 2021 MVM has

  • $5609.50 in cash
  • $2500.00 in BCDC allocated funds (held at BCDC)


2021 Budget

Treasurer Vic Sample presented a budget for 2021. The budget showed 2 alternate budgets – depending on receiving a grant from the Broadwater Community Foundation.

County Wide Yard Sale

At the last meeting we set the date of the 5th Annual County Wide Yard Sale as July 17, 2021.

Last year we included Three Forks in the County Wide Yard Sale.  In the past we have not had participation from the south end of Broadwater County and we hope that including Three Forks will encourage the residents of the south end to participate.

MVM has started posting announcements of the County Wide Yard Sale on Townsend Classifieds. We are stating that anyone in Broadwater County, Three Forks or the Three Forks area can participate in the County Wide Yard Sale.

Nichole mentioned that there used to be a Three Forks or Townsend-Three Forks classified Face Book page similar to the Townsend Classifieds Face Book page. Vic will search for a Three Forks classifieds and join that group to post about the County Wide Yard Sale.

Pam  stated that we will be running ads in the Broadwater Reporter and that she will contact the Three Forks Voice about partnering with us and running ads in the Three Forks Voice as well as the Broadwater Reporter.

Nichole mentioned that many of the Three Forks area residents read the Belgrade Newspaper. We will contact the Belgrade Newspaper to see what running ads in that paper will cost.

2021 Mural Project

MVM has submitted a $5000.00 grant request to the Broadwater Community Foundation for the mural project. The grant request is a 1:1 match for the $5000.00 MVM has already raised for the project. 

Vic reported that he spoke with Broadwater Community Foundation Board members Carole Plymale and Bill Kearns about the grant.  BCF does not receive their funding from the Montana Community Foundation funds until April.  Both BCF Board members asked if MVM needed the grant monies right now or if the grant could be delayed until BCF actually has funds.

Since the murals can’t be started until late spring or early summer, MVM does not need the money immediately. However, MVM did state to the BCF Board members that getting a commitment to receive the grant would be important.  Until we know if we have $5000.00 or $10,000.00 we cannot start discussion with mural artists and building owners.

We are awaiting word from the Broadwater Community Foundation regarding the grant request.

Tourism Website

At the previous meeting Vic stated he would speak to Allie Reynolds (a marketing consultant in Helena) about getting a quote to design a Broadwater County Tourism website.

Over the last year we have debated whether we should leverage the “” url by making the website a combined community/tourism website or whether we should just create a new tourism website.  Both Ernie Forrey and Vic felt it would be simpler (cheaper) to create a new website than to try to make a combined website.

However the death of Ernie Forrey has created some doubts:

  • We planned to use the $2500.00 we were awarded last year to fund the tourism website. However, we have not received the funds and the process of receiving the funds is not resolved without Ernie as BCDC president.
  • The future of BCDC and the BCDC website is now in question. That may change our plans for the design of the new tourism website.

MVM will wait on the BCDC Board plans for moving forward before making any concrete plans regarding the Tourism Website.

2021 Fund Raising

Wine Tasting Event

MVM still feels that wine tasting events will be a good source of fund raising. However due to COVID concerns we still do not feel we can start scheduling wine tasting events.

Pat felt that holding the event outside might relief any anxiety people might still have about attending events.

Vic suggested we use the Canton Church events as a gauge for how people feel about attending events.

Everyone felt that the younger people in the community are ready to get out and attend events again.  

Wine Stroll

Rachael suggested that as an alternative to the Wine Tasting Event we could sponsor a Wine Stroll with participating businesses pouring wines provided by MVM.  MVM could charge a fee for the stroll and the stroll would bring customers into the participating businesses.

Everyone felt this was a terrific idea and that we should start thinking about implementation.

Vic said he would speak to Julie Zipperian about insurance issues.  Pam stated that when she had the Art Gallery she spoke to the state about serving wine. The answer is that serving wine at an event but not selling drinks is a grey area and was okay to do.

We believe that calling the event a Main Street Stroll with the businesses serving wine but not selling wine drinks will fall into the grey area that does NOT require anyone to have a license.

Nichole asked everyone to think about the event and present any ideas on how to hold the event at the next meeting.

Artist Quick Draw

Vic mentioned that in the past Townsend had an Artist Quick Draw event. Pat stated the event was held as a fundraiser by the Broadwater Community Foundation.

The Virginia City Art Show features a Quick Draw event in partnership with the Virginia City Chamber of Commerce and raises thousands of dollars by auctioning the paintings. The artists and the Chamber of Commerce split the auction proceeds 50/50.

It was felt this could be another viable fundraising event. We could raise money, feature local and regional artists AND bring people into the county.

New Business

Reading Leaves Author Events

Rachael brought up the subject of her Author Events at Reading Leaves. Pat felt there could be a partnership between Reading Leaves, Rotary and MVM to promote the events and to include the events as programs for Rotary.

Southwest Montana Tourism Marketing Grant

Vic mentioned that Southwest Montana is offering a Tourism Marketing Grant again this year. The marketing grant would provide additional funds to market tourism oriented events in a community.

Last year MVM obtained a $5000.00 grant for the Rotary Fall Fest marketing. However, we were not able to use it because the Fall Fest Event was cancelled.

Vic has forwarded the grant forms to the Fall Fest committee for consideration.  The grant request is a “line item” marketing grant; i.e., the grant request must show the marketing budget and individual line items showing how the money would be spent. The grant request would have to be filled out by the Fall Fest committee but submitted by MVM on behalf of Rotary Fall Fest.

Next Meeting Date

The next meeting date was not set. President Nichole Brown will announce the date at a later time.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:54.