MVM Minutes: 2021/03/17

Missouri Valley Marketing Meeting Minutes of March 17, 2021 held at the Mint Cafe at 8:30am

In Attendance:

Nichole Brown (President)

Pam Sample (Vice President)

Vic Sample (Secretary/Treasurer)

LaRinda Spencer (Director)

Ross Johnson (Director)

Rachael Elliott-Brug

Tina Homann

Jeff Langlinais

Pat Plantenburg

Monique Prevel


The meeting was called to order at 8:40 by MVM President Nichole Brown.

Treasure’s Report

Secretary/Treasurer Vic Sample reported that as of March 17, 2021 MVM has

  • $5609.50 in cash
  • $2500.00 in BCDC allocated funds (held at BCDC)


Mural Project

In February the Broadwater Community Foundation informed MVM that our grant request for $5000.00 had been approved. However, in March  John Raines informed Vic Sample that the Montana Community Foundation was holding up the grant because MVM is a 501(c6) rather than a 501(c3).  They wanted further clarification as to how the grant request was for a charitable cause as defined by the IRS.  Vic Sample wrote a supplement to the grant request describing the project mission using terminology from the IRS definition of charitable cause.  On March 16, John Raines notified MVM that our grant request was approved at full funding.

Nichole Brown, Pam Sample and Vic Sample did an informal survey of Broadway from the Hwy 287 intersection and recommended that the City Hall Building, the Reading Leaves building and the west end of the Mint property be the locations for 3 murals.  Pat Plantenberg also nominated the Berg Hardware building (where the new distillery will go). Other buildings being considered are J.L. Wrights Trading Post, Bread and Butter, the Creamery Building and the new TRAC building (the former Broadwater Ford building).  Monique Prevel will ask Lana Prevel for permission to use the Mint Building.  Pam and Vic Sample will talk to Jeannie Steel about permission to use the Reading Leaves Building. Pam Sample will contact Judy at J.L. Wrights Trading Post and Leonard Lambott about permission for the Creamery Building. Nichole Brown will talk to Jake Ballieu about the Berg Hardware building.  At the January meeting Bread and Butter was receptive to having a mural but wanted to reside the building first.  Pam Sample will speak to TRAC about the Broadwater Ford building.

Sophie Mathis has expressed interest in the mural project. Pam Sample contacted the Helena Artists group about the mural project soliciting mural painters. Ann Bishop Patterson emailed MVM with interest in the mural project. Tina Homann reported that there is a local artist that was interested in The Lodge mural project but was not available at the time; she might be interested in the project.  

We discussed the mural artists and MVM would like to have 3 different artists paint murals. We are allocating $7500 for artists and $2500 for materials.  If we can make a better deal to have 1 artist paint 3 murals for $7500 we might have to go with one artist.

County-Wide Yard Sale

We are moving forward with plans for the County-Wide Yard Sale on July 17.  In the past we have had no participation in the project from the south end of the county.  We are going to invite Three Forks to join in the project in hopes that the south end of the county will participate. Pam has contacted the Three Forks Chamber president to invite Three Forks to participate in the County-Wide Yard Sale. The Three Forks Chamber president expressed interest in the project and will put it on their agenda for their March meeting.

Vic Sample requested approval to follow our advertising plan from previous years:

  • Run an ad in the Broadwater Reporter Classifieds adivising people considering a yard sale to join us on July 17. The ad will run from April 2 until July 16.
  • In May begin running a larger ad in the Broadwater Reporter for the County wide yard sale.
  • the event will be posted online at the Montana Lively times website and the Helena Events, Bozeman Events and Butte Events websites.

TRAC Flea Market Fund Raiser

Pam Sample informed MVM that TRAC (Townsend Recreation Activity Center) is planning to join the County-Wide Yard Sale on July 17 by holding an indoor/outdoor Flea Market. Pam is coordinating the event for TRAC.  She is working on getting food vendors to be at the TRAC flea market. While Pam is trying to get local groups (Lions, Interact, FAA, etc.) to be food vendors she has invited Food Truck owners from out of the county.

While MVM welcomes the participation by TRAC in the County-Wide Yard Sale, we do not want to advertise the TRAC event.  Since the inception of the County-Wide Yard Sale it has been free to everyone participating and the mission of the project is to bring people to Broadwater County not only for the yard sales but to patronize our local businesses. Since TRAC will be charging for space at their flea market and may have vendors from outside the county we do NOT want to be perceived as sponsoring the TRAC event.

MVM Fundraising (art stroll, wine tasting event)

At the March meeting Rachel Elliot-Brug proposed combining a wine-tasting with an art walk on Broadway.  We are moving forward with planning a summer event (probably in August) and inviting local artists (painters, pottery, wood workers, etc.) to put up a booth and offer wine tasting at the participating vendors and business owners.  MVM will sell "bracelets" to adults over 21 that include 6 tickets (a smaller bracelet will be available to those under 21) that can be traded for a wine tasting at the participating vendor/business.

We will continue to work on plans for the the Art Stroll event.

In addition to the art stroll, MVM will tentatively plan for a November wine tasting event at The Lodge.  

Pam Sample has collected wine for the 2 events through mail-order wine clubs. However, we want at least half of the wine at the Art Stroll and at the Wine Tasting event to be purchased from Townsend Drug and Liquor to help support our local businesses.

Next Meeting

President Nichole Brown set the next meeting date as April 14, 2021 at 8:30am in the backroom of the Mint.

The March 17 meeting was adjourned by president Nichole Brown at 10:30.