MVM Minutes: 2021/04/14

Missouri Valley Marketing Meeting Minutes of April 14, 2021 held at the Mint Cafe at 8:30am

In Attendance:

Nichole Brown (President)

Pam Sample (Vice President)

Vic Sample (Secretary/Treasurer)

Ross Johnson (Director)

Rachael Elliott-Brug

Tina Homann

Laura Obert


The meeting was called to order at 8:36 by MVM President Nichole Brown.

Treasure’s Report

Secretary/Treasurer Vic Sample reported that as of April 14, 2021 MVM has

  • $10609.50 in cash
  • $2500.00 in BCDC allocated funds (held at BCDC)


Mural Project

Vic Sample reported that MVM has received the grant funds from Broadwater Community Foundation and they have been deposited in the MVM bank account.

MVM currently has $10,000 budgeted for the Mural Project.

Vic Sample reported that after posting on Townsend Classifieds about the BCF grant he received an email from Jake Ballieu (the owner of the new distillery being built). Jake is very interested in having a mural on his west wall. He has been talking to Sophie Mathis and she has proposed a design for the mural.

Rachel Elliot-Brug reported that Monique Prevel has talked with Lana about putting a mural on the wall next to the gazebo and that Lana has given permission.

Pam Sample talked with Jeannie Steele and she has given permission to put a mural on the west wall of the Reading Leaves building.

Sophie Mathis is very interested in doing the mural project. Ann Bishop of Helena had expressed interest but has not responded to 2 emails that have been sent to her.

We discussed putting a mural on the City Hall Building; it is a very visible spot near the intersection. 

County-Wide Yard Sale

We are moving forward with plans for the County-Wide Yard Sale on July 17.  We have invited the Three Forks Chamber to participate in the County Wide Yard Sale in hopes driving participation of residents in the south end of the county. Pam Sample reported that the Three Forks Chamber does want to participate in with us.

Ross Johnson will ask Shirley Wilson if we can use her property on Front Street adjacent to the Copy Cup for the free Flea Market area.

Pam Sample reported that everything is progressing well for TRAC to participate with an indoor-flea market fundraiser at their building (the former Broadwater Ford building).  She has been trying to get one or more food trucks to be at the TRAC site but is not getting a lot of interest.

We have started running the classifieds ad in the Broadwater Reporter reminding people about the County Wide Yard Sale in July. The ad will run for 16 weeks - right up to the weekend of the event.  Vic Sample will also post the event on the Montana Lively Times, Helena Events site, Bozeman Events site and Butte Events site. In June we will start running a larger ad in the Broadwater Reporter.

Art Stroll/Wine Event

We discussed the date for the Art Stroll event. We had discussed having the event from 5:00pm to 8:00pm on Friday, August 20. However, Laura Obert pointed out that that is a very short time for artists to display. She recommended having the event on Saturday August 21 and running from 10:00am to 8:00pm - a long enough time to make it worth the setup time for the artists.

Ross Johnson agreed to be the chair person for the event. The entire MVM group will be the committee for the event.

We will ask the City Council and MDOT for permission to close Broadway during the event. Brian Obert is the contact person for working with MDOT on closing the highway.

We need to start announcing the event to the artist community: locally, in Helena and in Bozeman. Many of them are already booked through the summer. Laura Obert said the Fall Fest vendor list would make a great starting point for announcing the event.

As an alternative to shutting down Broadway, we disscussed using the lot across from the Commercial for the Art Stroll/Wine Event. The lot is now owned by Robert Peccia of Helena. Bill Kearns is good friends with Peccia and we will ask Bill to secure permission to use the lot.

Wine Tasting Event at The Lodge

We discussed having a big Wine Tasting event at The Lodge. We are targetting January or February 2022 for the event.

Next Meeting

The next meeting date will be May 12, 2021. 

The April 14 meeting was adjourned at 9:50.