MVM Minutes: 2021/05/26

Missouri Valley Marketing Meeting Minutes of May 26, 2021 held at the Mint Cafe at 8:30am

In Attendance:

Pam Sample (Vice President)

Vic Sample (Secretary/Treasurer)

Ross Johnson (Director)

Larinda Spencer

Rachael Elliott-Brug

Tina Homann

Jeff Langlinais

Monique Prevel


Mural Project Update

Vic Sample gave an update on the mural project.

Vic Sample, Pam Sample and Laura Obert met with Anne Bishop and her partner.  We had a lively discussion with them and viewed the proposed mural buildings.  Anne’s partner eventually decided that $2500/mural split between them was not enough money for the effort involved. Anne did not feel she could do the murals by herself; so, she dropped out of the project.

Sophie Mathis said she definitely wanted to do all 3 mural projects. She sent us designs she worked up.  Vic Sample asked if she could do something more dynamic for the wrap around mural.

Vic has spoken to the Townsend Interact club about volunteering to do prep work on the walls.  Della Ehlke had sent BCDC an email asking if anyone knew of volunteer work that the Montana Hydraulics employees could volunteer;  Montana Hydraulics believes in the employees volunteering and will  pay their wages for the volunteer days. Vic contacted Della about having Montana Hydraulic employees work on the walls. However, we need to have the dates from Sophie.

County-Wide Yard Sale Update

Pam Sample gave an update on the County-Wide Yard Sale.  Everything is on track with the event.  To date we only have about 8 people/organizations signed up for the event but that is about normal per previous years.  Most people commit to the yard sale in the last 2-3 weeks.

Pam reported that the TRAC (Townsend Recreation Activity Center) is moving forward with plans to hold an indoor/outdoor flea market at their facility in conjunction with the County-Wide Yard Sale.  She has been having difficulty getting food vendors to come to the event. However, Townsend Rotary has said they would serve hot dogs (and perhaps brats) at the TRAC facility during the event.

MVM will give water away at the TRAC site. 

Vic Sample reported that the event is posted on the Montana Lively Times, Helena Events, Bozone Events and Butte Events websites.  MVM has been running a small classifieds ad about the event in the Broadwater Reporter. Starting the first week in June, MVM will be running an bigger ad in the Reporter.  Vic has been posting about the event on Townsend Classifieds and Three Forks Classifieds and will start posting weekly.

There are people in the Radersburg community that will participate if they can get enough people to join the sale.

We have had no success in getting the South end of the County involved.

Wine and Art Stroll

Project Chairman Ross Johnson reported that after speaking with Vic Sample and Pam Sample that he did not feel we had adequate time to plan and execute the event this summer.  It is too late to line up artists for the event.  Ross stated that it would be worse to do a poor event than to postpone the event to next summer and do a good job of planning over the winter.

Vic Sample stated that he felt Lynn Cain could be a valuable resource in lining up artists since he attends many state art events.  Monique Prevel stated she is friends with a professional artists in White Hall and would ask her to help in planning the event and reaching out to artists.  Laura Obert has mentioned in the past that the Fall Fest vendor list would be a great place to start soliciting artists.

Summer Events at the Brewery

In the past we have discussed blocking the South Cedar from Broadway to the alley and putting in tables/chairs in the area with the brewery serving beer outside and one or more vendors providing food.

Vic Sample spoke to Thad at the brewery about doing the event and he is fully on board with the concept. Vic also has spoken to Heidi and Dakota Bingham about serving food at the events and they were on board.

It was suggested we could have local musicians play at the event.

Tina Homann offered to supply tables and chairs from The Lodge.

Larinda Spencer reported that the Community Theatre group is planning on having a series of events at The Lodge.  She offered to speak to the Community Theater Group about having street performances at some of the events. EVERYONE thought that was a terrific idea.

Tina Homann mentioned that perhaps we could close off South Cedar all the way from Broadway to “B” Street to include The Lodge.

MVM needs to attend a City Council meeting and get permission to close the street.  Vic Sample stated that if the City Council object to closing South Cedar that Laura and Brian Obert have said that “parklets” are legal and do not require City Council approval.  Basically parklets are a business using the sidewalk and parking area for outside events. 

Southwest Montana Update

Ross Johnson and Vic Sample are member of the Southwest Montana (the official marketing organization for the nine-county region designated as Southwest Montana) board.  Ross Johnson is a member of the Southwest Montana executive board.