MVM Minutes: 2021/06/15

Missouri Valley Marketing Meeting Minutes of June 15, 2021 held at the Mint Cafe at 8:30am

In Attendance:

Nichole Brown (President)

Pam Sample (Vice President)

Vic Sample (Secretary/Treasurer)

Larinda Spencer (Director)

Debi Randolph

Tina Homan

Rachael Elliott-Brug


President Nichole Brown called the meeting to order at 8:39.

Treasurer’s Report

Vic Sample reported that the MVM bank balance is $10,949.50.

We had a donation of $500.00 from Judy Williams in consideration for creating a website for her clothing business.

Pam Sample reported that she is expecting a donation from Anne Hall in consideration for a sip-n-paint event that Pam did for Anne.

We paid $160.00 to the Broadwater Reporter for the County-Wide yard sale classifieds ad.  We asked Bobbi to run a bigger ad from the beginning of June thru July 16.  We have not been billed for that ad.

Mural Project

Vic Sample, Pam Sample and Nichole Brown reported on the mural project.  There is a high level of frustration with working with Sophie Mathis.  Her priorities are not in synch with ours; however:

  • She has a sketch for the Distillery Building that the owner has approved
  • She has a sketch for the Reading Leaves building that the owner has mostly approved. When she is here Sophie will work with Nichole, Pam and Jeannie Steele on developing an “interactive” selfie spot that they can all support.
  • She has a sketch for the Mint building that still needs to be approved.

Keith Kirscher and Vic Sample will get the distillery wall power washed before Sophie arrives to begin working on the murals.

As a courtesy, Nichole Brown and Vic Sample will attend the Townsend City Council meeting to inform them of what we are doing.

County-Wide Yard Sale

Pam Sample reported that everything is on track.  We have 13 people currently signed up for the yard sale – which is consistent with prior years.  The last few weeks is when people decide to do the yard sale.  We are still hopeful to reach the number of participants that we have had in the past.

Summer Event at Canyon-Ferry Brewing

Vic Sample reported that we are still planning to do the event.  We would like to do a July event on July 17 in conjunction with the County-Wide yard Sale.  Then in August do another afternoon event.

Vic Sample will fill out the paper work and attend the first July City Council meeting to get approval to block the street from Broadway to the alley.

Wine/Art Stroll

We are still planning to do the event next summer and this winter we will work on getting artists lined up for the event.

Winter Wine Tasting Event

We are still planning to do a winter wine tasting event in January or February at The Lodge. 

Nichole Brown suggested doing it on Valentines Day.  However, the Catholic Church has done a Valentine’s Day dinner and we do not want to conflict with that.  Vic Sample will find out if the Catholic Church is planning to have the Valentine’s Day dinner again this year.

Southwest Montana Update

Ross Johnson was not in attendance to give us an update. However, Vic Sample did report that there were no Southwest Montana meetings in June.  Historically, Southwest Montana suspends meetings in June, July and August; so there may not be any meetings until next September.

New Business

Larinda Spencer and Tina Homan gave an update on the upcoming summer Community Theater schedule.  In the past we discussed having the Community Theater group do some sort of program during the summer events at the Brewery. 

It is not feasible to do even a short play; but Larinda reported that the Community Theater group is discussing the possibility of having a few of the actors in costume performing snippets from some of the plays.

Nichole Brown suggested that MVM provide wine and beer during the Community Theater performances as a fund raiser.  Tina said that some people are opposed to having alcohol at the performance but thought that offering the wine/beer during one night of each performance would be a reasonable compromise.

Nichole offered to interface with some of the high school organizations about providing some sort of food concession.

Everyone thought the wine/beer fund raiser was a good idea; but no one has volunteered to coordinate the event.

President Nichole Brown adjourned the meeting a 9:48.